Lew Oliver's Versatile Design

Gatehouse Cottage

 Total floor: 1,004 sq FT

Designed by the renowned Lew Oliver, the Gatehouse Cottage plan boasts a striking facade, featuring a frontage deliberately oversized for its compact structure, evoking a grandiose scale. Despite its modest size, the clever design maximizes space utilization, with soaring ceilings transforming even the smallest areas into expanses of contemporary living. The first floor spans a generous 664 square feet, offering ample room for communal activities and relaxation, while the second floor, comprising 340 square feet, provides cozy retreats and private spaces. With a total floor area of 1,004 square feet, the Gatehouse Cottage plan presents a seamless fusion of practicality and aesthetic allure.

Plan Details

  • First Floor: 664 sq ft
  • Second Floor: 340 sq ft
  • 1,004 Total Square Footage 
  • 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
  • 6.5″ Extreme SIPs Walls
  • 12.25″ Roof

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