Conventional vs. extreme sips construction

Extreme Panel’s Award Winning SIPs save 80% on framing labor and 30-60% savings on energy. Building with Extreme SIPs will save you time, money, and labor.

Cost Comparison Case Studies

Reduced Construction Labor Costs

Experience the transformation of your home in record time. By embracing Extreme Panel SIPs, you’re unlocking a faster installation process. For instance, your 1,200 sq ft Extreme SIP-constructed home can be erected in just 150 man-hours, a stark contrast to the extensive 750 man-hours required for traditional stick-built structures.*

*Based on August 2023 case study

Streamlined Electrical Integration

Benefit from a remarkable 30% reduction in man-hours during electrical installation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into your home with unprecedented ease.

Less onsite waste & environmental contamination

Bid farewell to wasteful practices. With Extreme SIPs, construction waste and damage are virtually non-existent, preserving the integrity of your home. Compare this to conventional builds that suffer from 8% on-site waste and necessitate 3-5% reordering, straining both your budget, time, and your patience.

What makes Extreme SIPs the perfect envelope:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Stronger, more disaster-resistant home
  • Greener, more sustainable process
  • Improved resale value
  • Healthier, quieter, more comfortable living space

Experience a better way to build.

Want more EXTREME SIPS Comparisons?

A BASF Corporation time and motion study conducted by the RS Means unit of Reed Construction Data shows that residential builders can reduce their framing labor needs by as much as 55 percent by using structural insulated panels (SIPs) instead of conventional “stick-building” methods.