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Extreme Panels for Roofs

Extreme’s SIP Roofs allow for design flexibility and can create unique spaces.  What you see on the outside is what you truly get on the inside for vaulted space.  Depending on the design of the house you can create another whole level without increasing the footprint of the house. This will bring the cost per square foot of a house down!  Not only do you get extra space at no extra cost, but the energy efficiency of Extreme’s SIP Roofs is an added benefit.

The high thermal values and strength properties of Extreme’s SIPs are highly beneficial for roof construction. Extreme’s pre-insulated SIPs offer an option for a high-performance roof framing solution that is 15 times tighter than conventional construction practices making it easier to control indoor air environment.  Pre-cut SIPs on our CNC machine ensure accuracy and proper fit to your design.

  • Large spans don’t require truss systems
  • Extreme insulation up to R-51!
  • Exceptional load capacities for snow and other conditions that mother nature throws our way
  • Fast installation time, large panels assemble like a jig saw puzzle extremely quickly
  • Minimal requirements for skilled framing labor
  • Factory engineered and precut per floor plans, all but eliminating measuring or cutting material for roof structures
  • Integrated sheathing and roof deck for a one stop roof framing product.
  • Healthier indoor environment – resists mold

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R-Values for Extreme Wall & Roof Panels

Insulation is one of the key components of any energy-efficient home or commercial building.  With heating and cooling accounting for 50 percent of energy use in the average home, good insulation saves thousands of dollars in utility bills over the life of a home.

Insulation is rated by R-value, which measures a material’s thermal resistance.  An insulating material with a higher R-value forms a more effective thermal barrier between the outside temperature and the conditioned space inside the home. Research funded by the U.S. Department of Energy confirms that SIP walls provide more R-value than same-sized stud walls.

Extreme Panel Sizes @ 4' WideExtreme Panel Sizes @ 8' WideExtreme Panel R-Value @ 25° per ThicknessExtreme Panel R-Value @ 75° per Thickness
4'x8'8'x8'4 1/2" - R-value = 174 1/2" - R-value = 15
4'x9'8'x10'6 1/2" - R-value = 266 1/2" - R-value = 23
4'x10'8'x12'8 1/4" - R-value = 338 1/4" - R-value = 30
4'x12'8'x16'10 1/4" - R-value = 4210 1/4" - R-value = 37
4'x14'8'x20'12 1/4" - R-value = 5112 1/4" - R-value = 45

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Photo by Chad Holder