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We have handpicked our accessories carefully to work precisely with our products.

SIP-SEAL / Sustant, LLC

SIP-SEAL Adhesive Sealant (Product Sheet) has the following features:

  • Industrial Grade, highly durable polyether construction adhesive/sealant
  • Ready to use, cures in the presence of moisture
  • Will not harden, yellow, or lose its flexibility
  • Weather resistant, Type II for extended water contact
  • UV resistant (no change at 2,000 UV-A hours)
  • Low VOC, less than 12-grams/liter
  • No hazardous air pollutants (HAPs-free)
  • Smooth Gunning, workable at low temperatures

SIP-SEAL Vapor Tape (Product Sheet) has the following features:

  • Apply along all continuous joints within the building envelope to create a strong, durable, non-permeable seal
  • High initial tack for immediate bond
  • Zero moisture permeability
  • Will not harden or become brittle over time
  • Non-shrink facing
  • UV Stable
  • Solvent-free, HAPs-free, & VOC-free

TRUFAST Panel Screws | Product Sheet

TRUFAST SIP fasteners were specifically developed for the attachment of SIPs to wood, corrugated steel, and steel members without pre drilling. TRUFAST fasteners feature:

  • State of the art tempering & coating
  • Large diameter, low profile pancake
  • No need for a washer
  • Widest selection of eastern lengths in the industry

Adhesives provided by:

    • Ashland Adhesives
    • DOW Chemical Co.

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Photo by Chad Holder