Experts all over North America have declared that structural insulated panels (SIPs) are the future for high performance construction. We have been manufacturing SIPs for nearly 30 years. With this experience, and hundreds of SIP framed structures standing strong, we at Extreme are proud to help light the way!

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With higher insulating properties, SIP walls will keep your building envelope tight with an extremely low amount of air infiltration. Keeping pollutants out and your climate in offers indoor air quality ideal for all!

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Extreme’s SIP Roofs allow for design flexibility and can create unique spaces.  What you see on the outside is what you truly get on the inside for vaulted space. 

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Floors & Foundations

Extreme Panels create floors that are straight and strong and basements that are warm, comfortable and free of musty smells.

Extreme Heavy Duty (HD) Doors

Leading the agricultural industry in durability, the Extreme HD Door has been developed from years of testing in the field and is proven to outperform all other doors in high moisture environments and heavy rugged traffic.

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Extreme Accessories

Extreme offers accessories for your SIP framing installation project. We have handpicked our sealants, fasteners, sheathing, and adhesives carefully to work precisely with Extreme SIPs. 

For Extreme, it’s all about performance and quality!