Coastal Haven: A Beachfront Masterpiece

Pass Christian, Mississippi

Situated on the picturesque beaches of Pass Christian, Mississippi, this remarkable beachfront property epitomizes the union of luxurious design and sustainable living. Owned by Brad and Julie Blue, who have a long history of living in a SIPs home, this project is the culmination of their desire for speed of construction, accuracy of assembly, efficiency, and long-term comfort. Crafted by Extreme Panel Technologies, this project beautifully melds into the Gulf Coast’s scenic landscape, showcasing innovative construction and architectural finesse.

Project Partners

Bill Hickey AIA, Architect and Principal of Collaborative Design Group, Inc.

Maddie Costelli Pettry, Engineered the Foundation & Pier System, is Engineer of Record, and President of  Simpkins & Costelli, Inc.
Tom Moore, SIPs Engineer with Pinnacle Engineering
Kevin Taylor, General Contractor and Owner of Plum Homes
Eric Couts, SIPs installer and Owner of Premier Homes

Innovative Design and Sustainability

The residence uses Extreme Panel Technologies’ advanced structural insulated panels (SIPs) for unmatched energy efficiency and strength against coastal elements. Bill Hickey’s design features expansive windows and open layouts, maximizing views and natural light. The Blues’ selection of Extreme Panel was driven by their commitment to sustainable living and their trust in the long-lasting comfort provided by SIPs homes.

Resilience and Efficiency

Engineered for resilience by Maddie Costelli Pettry, President and Engineer of Record at Simpkins & Costelli, Inc., the property stands robust against high winds and humidity. Maddie designed the foundation and pier system, ensuring a solid base for the home. Adding to this engineering expertise is Tom Moore of Pinnacle Engineering, the SIPs engineer who designed the structure to withstand hurricane-force winds and create a fortified home. Superior insulation from our panels reduces energy consumption, supported by an efficient HVAC system and eco-friendly appliances.

Construction Excellence

Kevin Taylor, owner of Plum Homes and the project’s general contractor, along with the crucial involvement of Eric Couts, owner of Premier Homes and SIPs installer, meticulously transformed the visionary design into a reality. Their combined expertise ensured the build’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, seamlessly integrating the panels into the overall design.

Community Impact and Recognition

This project not only offers a luxurious retreat but also represents a paradigm shift in sustainable coastal living. It has been recognized for its innovative approach and positive impact on local construction practices, setting a new standard for eco-conscious architecture in the region.

Final Thoughts

Extreme Panel Technologies, alongside our distinguished project partners, is proud of this landmark project in Pass Christian, Mississippi. It stands as a symbol of architectural innovation, environmental stewardship, and collaborative excellence, reflecting the vision and trust of Brad and Julie Blue in choosing a SIPs home for their long-term comfort and sustainable lifestyle.

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