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Eric Couts with Premier Homes

At Extreme Panel Technologies, we are thrilled to feature Eric Couts of Premier Homes as our July Builder Highlight. Eric has been building with Extreme SIPs for an impressive 7 years, consistently showcasing his dedication to quality and innovation in residential and small commercial construction.

Eric’s journey with Extreme SIPs began with a shared commitment to excellence and a family-like atmosphere that continues to inspire his work. Over the years, Eric has successfully tackled a variety of projects, including the memorable Edmonds home in Weston (photo below). This project, encouraged by Extreme SIPs, pushed Eric to expand his comfort zone and resulted in a remarkable achievement.

Edmonds Home, Weston, MO

One of Eric’s most challenging yet rewarding projects was the Coastal Haven home in Mississippi, built on stilts along the Gulf. Despite numerous obstacles, Eric and his team completed the project seamlessly, exemplifying their expertise and determination.

Coastal Haven, Pass Christian, Mississippi
Coastal Haven, Pass Christian, Mississippi

Eric’s dedication to continuous learning and teaching aligns perfectly with the values of Extreme SIPs. He stays ahead of industry trends through regular training, videos, and shows, ensuring that he and his team remain at the forefront of construction technology. His advice to newcomers, “Just try it! I did and have never looked back,” reflects his enthusiasm and encouragement for those entering the industry.

We at Extreme Panel Technologies are proud to have Eric Couts as a partner. His commitment to excellence, innovative approach, and collaborative spirit make him an outstanding representative of the quality we strive for.

Eric Couts helping build the Extreme Panels booth at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas.

Join us in celebrating Eric Couts and Premier Homes as our July Builder Highlight. For more about Eric’s work and experiences, reach out to him directly at

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