PrairiE Lofts Apartments

Luverne, MN

We are thrilled to showcase the remarkable PrairiE Lofts Apartments, a testament to the Extreme Advantage in construction.

Built with our innovative Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), PrairiE Lofts Apartments exemplify attainable, sustainable workforce housing with leading-edge smart and green technology. Our SIPs not only expedited the building process, but also provided the convenience of off-site manufacturing, aligning perfectly with the builder’s needs for this large-scale project.

The air-tight factor of SIPs construction is a game-changer, ensuring superior control over sound, energy, and indoor air quality. This is especially crucial for an apartment building like PrairiE Lofts, where resident comfort and utility costs were heavily considered during the construction process.

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  • Any additional comments on the project:
    Across Minnesota, there is a shortage of rentals affordable and available to extremely low-income households. The PrairiE Loft Apartments in Luverne are meant to help address this issue and provide attainable, sustainable housing for the citizens living and working in the area.
  • A utility allowance is in included in the base rent of each unit. All in-unit appliances meet EnergyStar requirements and include an in- oor radiant heat system, EV chargers, and solar panels
  • Did SIPs help save time, labor, construction costs, or energy?
    Continuous insulation and air-tight quality of SIPs created an energy-efficient, quiet project that enables electrification and decarbonization with less effort. This allowed the builder to save on time and associated labor costs without compromising structural integrity. The construction costs as well as the energy savings were massive. There was also notably less onsite waste and environmental contamination.
  • Structural engineering was key as every detail was specified with a maximum efficiency mindset.
  • HERS Index
    HERS 45L Credit
  • Blower Door Test Results:
    Average ACH50 of 1.35
  • HVAC System Used
    Each apartment employs a balanced ventilation strategy with a Panasonic Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV); incoming air can be conditioned and dehumidified, saving on heating and cooling expenses while simultaneously filtering and improving indoor air quality.

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