Sam Rashkin

Tuesday, 11/15/22 @ 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Sam is the author of a book titled “Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry: How It Got Here, Why It’s Broken, and How to Fix It” that helps builders prepare for housing industry disruption looming ahead. Sam has brought lessons from his book to hundreds of housing executives across the country with workshops and collaborative meetings. Apart from this work, Sam is known for his accomplishments as national director of voluntary labeling programs for the housing industry that have led to over 2 million certified high-performance ENERGY STAR and Zero Energy Ready Homes. Mr. Rashkin was recognized for his contributions to sustainable housing with the prestigious Hanley Award in 2012 and EEBA Legend Award in 2019. During his 20-plus years as a licensed architect, he specialized in energy-efficient design and completed over 100 residential projects. He has served on national Steering Committees for USGBC’s LEED for Homes, NAHB’s Green Builder Guidelines, EPA’s Water Sense label, and EPA’s Indoor airPLUS label. Sam has also prepared hundreds of articles, technical papers, reports, and seminars; and contributed to other books on energy-efficient and green construction.