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sips, structural insulated panel home, midwest sip constructionExtreme Panel Technologies' structural insulated panels (SIPs) provide a level of strength, simplicity and efficiency no other building method can offer. Framing with high performance SIPs provides the perfect solution to any green structure - a well insulated building envelope! Roofs, Walls & Floors built with Extreme SIPs help reduce energy costs by up to 50-60%, minimize your carbon footprint, and provide a healthier interior environment. Read on to learn more about Extreme SIPs!




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Extreme is honored to receive SIPA's 2014 Affordable Housing & Rennovations Building Excellence Awards recognized for energy-efficiency & sustainability...more



environmental advantages, energy & emissions and more in the recently published SIPs Life Cycle Analysis....more


Alliance Apartments, housing development for the formerly homeless people in the city's Elliot Park neighborhood...more

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Everything fit perfectly and the electricians & plumbers were impressed. ... Click here to read more testimonials