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SIPs Offer Healthy Shelters, Peace of Mind during Uncertain Times

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned more about a virus that none of us had previously thought possible. It’s also become increasingly apparent how very simple acts of cleanliness can help provide some of the best defenses against the disease.

With all of the required or recommended changes in our daily life, it is apparent that many more in the workforce are transitioning to telecommuting. This got us thinking about how more people will be at home and how much more important indoor air quality (IAQ) is now, more than ever before.

You know we don’t produce hand sanitizers or soap, but we are known for building energy-efficient and tight enclosures, which greatly impact IAQ. Consider, for example, how:

  • The tighter the enclosure around us, the more it seals up homeowners’ day-to-day environment. Homes built with structural insulated panels, or SIPS, are well-suited to protecting interiors from what’s in the outside air.
  • SIP materials impregnated (not just sprayed topically) with zinc and borate will protect against anything growing in or trying to consume SIP walls. Structure Shield is a homeowner’s best defense when it comes to the envelope and keeping families safe within.
  • Consistency of anything helps a design. By having a guaranteed R-value and a consistent air tightness thanks to SIPs, builders can design an air exchange system to monitor and deliver the right amount of fresh, filtered air to maintain a high level of IAQ.
  • Downsizing mechanical testing and balancing all installed materials – made possible by SIPs – can help homeowners meet many thresholds, from how much it costs to operate, to what it will qualify for such as Energy Star, IAQ standards and Net-Zero Ready. At Extreme, we manufacture the healthiest home envelope you can get, letting building science and trained experts help homeowners experience their house’s full potential.
  • Tested homes can provide owners with the peace of mind that the components of their SIP home are working at peak performance. Blower doors will put a house in a negative state to determine the precise amount of air leakage, and testing pressure pans – or bolometers – and flow meters can help determine whether all aspects are performing optimally.

Our commitment to builders, homeowners

Builders, when you look at your next project – whether it’s a new home or commercial building – we would like to play a role in making your occupants’ future as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Homeowners, take this time to look around and see what you’d like fixed to give your home a fresh start. We remain focused on delivering a healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible, so let us help make your dreams of a safe, comfortable interior come true.

All of us at Extreme wish you and your family health and wellness.

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